Wednesday, December 5, 2012

'Tis the Season!

It's officially the holiday season!

Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, don't worry! has tons of gift ideas for every member of your family. From the youngest to the oldest, this holiday season we have you covered...literally.

Polar Bear Stick Umbrella | 24.95

One of our newest additions is the Polar Bear umbrella! It comes in both stick and folding form and is absolutely stunning. It features a polar bear family (including the most adorable cubs!) and an aurora sky above. It would be perfect for any adult, teen, or anyone who loves these wild animals. Fun fact - A polar bears fur isn't actually white! The hairs are actually hollow and reflect light making them look white. Who knew?!

Holiday Dome Bubble | 17.95

Our holiday dome umbrella is another pleaser among our customers. Take a clear "bubble" umbrella, add a little holiday flare, and voila - you have the perfect umbrella for the holidays! Colorful lights run around the rim of the umbrella making it that more special and unique. From children to 90 year olds, this umbrella would make a great addition to their rain gear.

Penguin Umbrella | 24.95

Another animal that gets popular around this time of year is the penguin! If you're a fan of these tuxedo birds, then our emperor penguin umbrella is a perfect fit for you! A family of penguins walk in a line with snowy mountains behind them and a beautiful sky above them. This umbrella would be an amazing gift for anyone!

From everyone here at, we hope you have an extraordinary holiday!