Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Halloween!

It’s finally October! And you know what that means? Yep that’s right – autumn, colder weather, pumpkins and of course…HALLOWEEN!

What will you be doing this year? Staying inside and waiting for all the trick-or-treaters to ring your doorbell? Or getting out there and jumping on the candy wagon?
Regardless of what you do, just be sure to not get caught out in the rain! Nothing is worse than soggy and melted candy. Bust rest assured, has you covered with our many stylish umbrellas! And hey, even if it doesn’t rain, you can always use your new umbrella as a Halloween prop!

Doorman Deluxe | $34.95

Take for instance our Doorman Deluxe Black 16 Panel Umbrella. It’s extremely durable, can withstand gusty winds and it’s fashionable! It will definitely keep you dry in the rain and if it doesn’t rain, throw on a suit and become The Penguin from Batman! He rocked that umbrella and there’s no reason why you can’t either! People will love that you went the extra mile to make your costume that much more believable.

Clear Blue Dome | $22.95

One of our most popular umbrellas, Clear Dome Blue, will not only keep you rain free, but can also be your costume! Really? Really. All you have to do is get some streamers, bubblewrap and maybe some cool battery operated LED lights and VOILA you are now a jellyfish! It’s easy, fun to make and you’ll have a unique costume!

3D Teddy Bear | $14.95

Now let’s not forget about the kiddies! After all, they will be doing much of the trick-or-treating. Any of our 3D Umbrellas, such as the frog or teddy, can be turned into an amazing costume! Simply match the colors of the umbrella with your child’s clothing and BAM they are now a cute frog or teddy bear! Plus, if it rains, your kids wont get disappointed and can still wear their costume!

So enjoy all of your candy and the look on those kids faces when you hand out a big handful of goodies. Most of all…Have A Happy and Safe Halloween!